What the fun?


My name is Kathleen, I am an illustrator, creator of Katcha, and Knotfall, the webcomic for kids. I want to make one thing happen, fun. More specifically I want to make life fun for kids!

It is the year 2018 and sometimes there really doesn’t feel like there is enough fun out there, but when there is fun, where do I usually find it… the internet.

As a parent, I find there is a lot of guilt about “screen time”, but let’s face it, as adults we spend a hell of a lot of time on screens. I am going to bet 75% of our jobs involve at least a little bit of screen exposure.

So then why are we making such a big deal about it with our kids? Perhaps we are trying to make up for their inevitable screen-staring future, or we’re scared of what they might see on those screens, or we don’t think screens can educate or stimulate growing minds?

Whatever it is, I have an idea! Instead of shielding our children from those glowing boxes, why don’t we share it with them? Let’s guide them through the serious parts of the internet, and show them where the fun bits are!

I want Katcha to become a resource for parents and kids of all the wonderful and exciting things the internet has to offer, as well as, of course, peddling my own wares and stories.

So for this week, I will leave you with a link to my own nostalgia, that might be a nice way to introduce your child to the internet…



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