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The @katcha.fun Postcard Club is a venture of mine to encourage others to take some time out of their hectic lifestyles to write to the nearest and dearest in their lives!

In particular, I would love the club to be a resource for parents to encourage their children to write postcards to family and friends they perhaps don’t see as much as they should or would if they could.

Every quarter I ship out three brand new postcards to the club’s members, and they are encouraged to use them to contact friends, family members, old teachers, colleagues, colleagues they work with over the internet but have never actually met.

If you are a parent, you could use the club as an opportunity to encourage your children to reach out to other countries, towns or cities. Find a school on Google and send your postcards there, or an old people’s home in a far off land and request to open a communication between the generations!

You can join the club HERE on Kickstarter for a special price and a limited time!

If you sign up to my Postcard Club newsletter, you will receive a printable PDF guide that helps you or your kids with letter writing ideas, as well as regular updates on the project! Follow THIS link to sign up!