It’s Been a While

A little piece on getting back into old habits.

I have spent the last year strenuously teaching myself how to draw and create art digitally. I got back in to the practice of art through the power of watercolour and but overtime realised that there is a lot of desire for illustrators to have digital skills, and I have spent a long, old time at screen and tablet. So this morning during a bout of intense creative block I decided to pick up brush and ink. A desperate measure, but still a rewarding nostalgic push in the right direction.

Sometimes it takes the simple things to just spurn you on a little and with a fresh brush and some colourful ink I quickly stepped in line with my old traditional self and painted away.

I decided to create my beloved, yet oh so quite, fan base, a free little phone wallpaper. So please download the below and use to your heart’s content. Seemingly lemons were on my mind, they are often a craving of mine, and therefore I present you with this zesty little piece to adorn your phone with.

Katcha later.



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