This week’s recommendation is a modern classic! Any solid foundation of kids independent comics and graphic novels should really begin with Hildafolk series, which starts with Hilda and the Troll.

Started in 2010 and since then has released 5 stories, Luke Pearson created a magical and enchanted world around his one precocious character Hilda. A small girl living with her single mother and eccentric dog, Hilda is always on a mission in her little hometown and every issue offers something beyond imagination.

Luke Pearson’s illustrations are quirky and original and he has an apt grasp on the creatures and gives his reader a modern interpretation of the typical Scandi and Icelandic folklore. His characters are lovable and relatable to small children, and though each story falls within the typical story with a moral remit, they all include their own small mix of inanity too. Not only are Luke Pearson’s comics excellent for early readers, but non-readers can equally appreciate the depth and detail in his panels. Each scene is littered with intricate plant details or building decor and there is a lot for little eyes to gaze upon. The writing is understandable and legible for small minds and eyes and offers a range of quips and jokes as well as serious

Though Luke Pearson admits that Hilda does fall into the “adventurous young girl” trope we so commonly see in literature and film at the moment, he has made Hilda feel more like a classic than a continuation of the trend. Though can we really complain about more strong-minded, empathetic female leads? Her character is a true original, and your kids are sure to see this. The comic series was picked up by Netflix last year, so be sure to get reading quick so you’re all caught up by Netflix’s September launch! There are five original Hilda stories to peruse before then!

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