May the Fourth Forever

It would be hard to let today pass without tipping my hat to the science fiction legacy that is Star Wars. Star Wars has ignited my imagination and love for sci-fi from a very early age, and continues to ignite that same light in my own children’s hearts today! A timeless story that will be celebrated from decade to decade for the endless possibilities for imagination and play it produces.

When I was a kid the story continued with the prologue, and I am glad that my own children can also experience the Star Wars mania in reality. You can’t escape the sea of BB8s and Rey merchandise that adorn the supermarkets, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Star Wars franchise updated its story lines with strong female characters, and a discussion about how easy it is for good people to be pushed to the dark side. My personal favourite of the new films being the new Rogue One film that really captivated the heroism and futility of many of the side characters in the films.

The characters also have formidable Force in the comic book world, with the stories continued in comic form long after the films, and then reemerged in the last few years! For older children I highly recommend the Marvel comic book series Chewbacca, which explores the lovable and unintelligible character in greater depth, with beautiful art and fun plot lines!

For the adults out there I would encourage you to read the memoirs of Carrie Fisher, they are whimsical, honest and thought provoking and give you a glimpse of the incredibly brave and wonderful woman the Princess Leia actress was.  A wonderful role model in the face of all the complications of the Hollywood lifestyle.

So may the Force be with you and your young padawans!