Comics and Kids


As part of my new website I want to provide parents, educators and kids with resources to access comics that are appropriate and entertaining! Comics are an incredible route for engaging your child in reading or reigniting the love of reading in your older children. Educators can use them in subjects like literature, history or science! They are also a great tool for learning foreign languages, due to the communicative nature of the writing.

You will find recommendations and reviews of comics and graphic novels detailed below, and always happy to receive new ideas, just contact us at!

The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo by Drew Weing.

Webcomic turned graphic novel this collection of issues is bound to engage and amaze your kids. Drew Weing details the accounts of wannabe journalist Charles, forced to move to the big city by his parents, he leaves his quiet small town life behind.

Worried about fitting in, making friends and getting accustomed to his new surroundings, Charles finds one more thing to worry about, monsters galore! Charles quickly comes to meet the tamer of all things mysterious, Margo Maloo and this comic series follows their secret adventures.

Trolls in the cupboard, ghoulish haunting and monster cities, these Creepy Case FIles have so much more to offer! Beautiful illustrations and character designs accompany these witty characters in to the unknown! The artwork is gloriously detailed, and each panel is wonderful.

A little advanced for first time readers but great for ages 7 up, printed in a beautifully comprised A5 hard covered book. Contact your local comic book store to see if they can order you a copy!