It’s Been a While

A little piece on getting back into old habits.

I have spent the last year strenuously teaching myself how to draw and create art digitally. I got back in to the practice of art through the power of watercolour and but overtime realised that there is a lot of desire for illustrators to have digital skills, and I have spent a long, old time at screen and tablet. So this morning during a bout of intense creative block I decided to pick up brush and ink. A desperate measure, but still a rewarding nostalgic push in the right direction.

Sometimes it takes the simple things to just spurn you on a little and with a fresh brush and some colourful ink I quickly stepped in line with my old traditional self and painted away.

I decided to create my beloved, yet oh so quite, fan base, a free little phone wallpaper. So please download the below and use to your heart’s content. Seemingly lemons were on my mind, they are often a craving of mine, and therefore I present you with this zesty little piece to adorn your phone with.

Katcha later.



May the Fourth Forever

It would be hard to let today pass without tipping my hat to the science fiction legacy that is Star Wars. Star Wars has ignited my imagination and love for sci-fi from a very early age, and continues to ignite that same light in my own children’s hearts today! A timeless story that will be celebrated from decade to decade for the endless possibilities for imagination and play it produces.

When I was a kid the story continued with the prologue, and I am glad that my own children can also experience the Star Wars mania in reality. You can’t escape the sea of BB8s and Rey merchandise that adorn the supermarkets, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Star Wars franchise updated its story lines with strong female characters, and a discussion about how easy it is for good people to be pushed to the dark side. My personal favourite of the new films being the new Rogue One film that really captivated the heroism and futility of many of the side characters in the films.

The characters also have formidable Force in the comic book world, with the stories continued in comic form long after the films, and then reemerged in the last few years! For older children I highly recommend the Marvel comic book series Chewbacca, which explores the lovable and unintelligible character in greater depth, with beautiful art and fun plot lines!

For the adults out there I would encourage you to read the memoirs of Carrie Fisher, they are whimsical, honest and thought provoking and give you a glimpse of the incredibly brave and wonderful woman the Princess Leia actress was.  A wonderful role model in the face of all the complications of the Hollywood lifestyle.

So may the Force be with you and your young padawans!


Was zum Spaß?


Mein Name ist Kathleen, ich bin ein Illustratorin, Schoepfer von Katcha, und Knotfall,  das webcomic fuer kinder. Ich will eine Dinge passieren lassen, Spass. Genauer esagt möchte ich das Leben für Kinder unterhaltsamer machen!

Es ist das Jahr 2018, und manchmal es fühlt sich wirklich nicht so an, als ob es dort draußen genug Spaß gäbe, aber wenn es Spaß macht, wo finde ich es normalerweise … das Internet.

Als Elternteil finde ich eine Menge Schuldgefühle in Bezug auf die “Bildschirmzeit”, aber seien wir ehrlich: Als Erwachsene verbringen wir eine Menge Zeit auf Bildschirmen. Ich wette, dass 75% unserer Jobs mindestens ein bisschen Bildschirm-Exposition beinhalten.

Warum machen wir so viel mit unseren Kindern? Vielleicht versuchen wir, ihre unvermeidliche Zukunftsvision wieder gutzumachen, oder wir haben Angst vor dem, was sie auf diesen Bildschirmen sehen könnten, oder wir glauben nicht, dass Bildschirme wachsende Köpfe erziehen oder anregen können?

Was auch immer es ist, ich habe eine Idee! Anstatt unsere Kinder vor diesen leuchtenden Kisten zu schützen, warum teilen wir sie nicht mit ihnen? Lassen Sie uns sie durch die ernsten Teile des Internets führen und ihnen zeigen, wo die lustigen Teile sind!

Ich möchte, dass Katcha eine Quelle für Eltern und Kinder für all die wundervollen und aufregenden Dinge wird, die das Internet zu bieten hat, und natürlich für meine eigenen Waren und Geschichten.

Also, für diese Woche werde ich dich mit einem Link zu meiner eigenen Nostalgie verlassen, das könnte eine nette Art sein, dein Kind ins Internet einzuführen …


Comics und Kinder


Als Teil meiner neuen Website möchte ich Eltern, Pädagogen und Kindern Ressourcen zur Verfügung stellen, damit sie auf angemessene und unterhaltsame Comics zugreifen können! Comics sind ein unglaublicher Weg, um Ihr Kind dazu zu bringen, die Liebe zum Lesen bei Ihren älteren Kindern zu lesen oder neu zu entfachen. Erzieher können sie in Themen wie Literatur, Geschichte oder Wissenschaft verwenden! Sie sind auch ein großartiges Werkzeug zum Erlernen von Fremdsprachen, aufgrund der kommunikativen Natur der Schrift.

Sie finden Empfehlungen und Rezensionen zu Comics und Graphic Novels, die weiter unten aufgeführt sind, und freuen uns immer über neue Ideen, kontaktieren Sie uns einfach unter! Sie können auch an der Diskussion teilnehmen, indem Sie sich meiner Facebook-Gruppe anschließen, die darauf abzielt, Comic-Enthusiasten in einem fortlaufenden Gespräch über Kinder-Comics zusammen zu bringen!

The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo


Comics and Kids


As part of my new website I want to provide parents, educators and kids with resources to access comics that are appropriate and entertaining! Comics are an incredible route for engaging your child in reading or reigniting the love of reading in your older children. Educators can use them in subjects like literature, history or science! They are also a great tool for learning foreign languages, due to the communicative nature of the writing.

You will find recommendations and reviews of comics and graphic novels detailed below, and always happy to receive new ideas, just contact us at! You can also partake in the discussion by joining my Facebook Group which aims to join comic enthusiasts together in an ongoing conversation about children’s comics!

The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo

Scales and Scoundrels




What the fun?


My name is Kathleen, I am an illustrator, creator of Katcha, and Knotfall, the webcomic for kids. I want to make one thing happen, fun. More specifically I want to make life fun for kids!

It is the year 2018 and sometimes there really doesn’t feel like there is enough fun out there, but when there is fun, where do I usually find it… the internet.

As a parent, I find there is a lot of guilt about “screen time”, but let’s face it, as adults we spend a hell of a lot of time on screens. I am going to bet 75% of our jobs involve at least a little bit of screen exposure.

So then why are we making such a big deal about it with our kids? Perhaps we are trying to make up for their inevitable screen-staring future, or we’re scared of what they might see on those screens, or we don’t think screens can educate or stimulate growing minds?

Whatever it is, I have an idea! Instead of shielding our children from those glowing boxes, why don’t we share it with them? Let’s guide them through the serious parts of the internet, and show them where the fun bits are!

I want Katcha to become a resource for parents and kids of all the wonderful and exciting things the internet has to offer, as well as, of course, peddling my own wares and stories.

So for this week, I will leave you with a link to my own nostalgia, that might be a nice way to introduce your child to the internet…