About Me



Thanks for visiting my site!

I am a British illustrator and graphic designer living in the heart of the Schwarzwald, Germany. I moved here last year but still love working with clients from the UK and the rest of the world!

I have loved drawing from a very young age, I was always sketching and was constantly chastised by my maths teacher for my avid doodling. After studying Museum Studies alongside History of Art at the University of Leeds, UK, I decided to train in art and design myself.

I almost trained as a tattoo artist, but being somewhat of an introvert I struggled to adjust to the very public-facing career that turned out to be. At the start of my journey into graphic design, I volunteered frequently with Humanists UK, an organisation aimed at promoting atheism, secularism and human rights. I designed the print and web media for the launch of their youth section, Young Humanists, and created beer mats, ebooks, flyers, bookmarks and social media content. From there I decided to experiment with more art methods, such as acrylic painting, lino printing, calligraphy and digital art.

I now create logos and mascots, one of illustrative work for personal use and editorials, blogs or news sites, and customised family portraits. In 2018 I aim to build my children’s illustration portfolio and would love to start work on my first children’s book. Equally, I want to aim to create digital content for my own website and social media platforms that inspires and entertains others, especially women and children. This includes two webcomic ideas, one I hope to launch Spring 2018. I would also love to work with other artists in collaborations!