Nightlights by Lorena Alvarez

There’s only one way to describe Alvarez’s work: spectacular!

This story is peculiar, wild, relatable and perhaps a little haunting, but a wonderful insight into a truly talented woman’s mind. Almost Studio Ghibli in storybook form, Alvarez gives her readers a delightful ride on a colourful and dreamlike rollercoaster.

Her main character Sandy is obsessed with drawing the beautiful and bewildering creatures from her dreams and often lets this pastime get the better of her studies. Then Sandy meets a new girl at school who is also fond of Sandy’s talents.

A story to encourage your child to follow their dreams and face their fears, Alvarez’s incredible visuals entice even the most reluctant readers to its pages. This comic is perhaps not appropriate for very small children because it does feature an aspect of sinister, but with an explanation, it is not so scary.

Lorena Alvarez is a master of storytelling and has a beautiful message to tell with the most enchanting illustrations to match. I cannot recommend it highly enough, the perfect gift for any young reader, or adult comic fan!